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Wedding Band Buying Guide for Men

Sometimes choosing men’s wedding ring can be less difficult than an engagement ring. anyway if you are wondering a nice men’s ring so we going to help you through this men’s wedding band buying guide. Now for the choosing best ring, we have to always mind at least two things like ring size or comfort then comes style or metal. If you watching a good size ring which is very comfortable for you at the time of wearing, then your ring is awesome for you.

Types of Bands:


Classic Wedding Band

In Wedding Band Buying Guide the first band Is, This is totally plain band with no stones, these rings have a sleek. This traditional wedding band is the most famous timeless and classical style ring. Also, it can be comfortable with the size, can available in yellow, white, rose. With its shining look, your finger also looks attractive. 

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Carved Wedding Band

The stylish carved ring designed with bevelled design with etched edges with a classic look. In this ring, we can also get different types of design on it. With a different colour like yellow, white, rose. Many people think they look more masculine or just more interesting than the classic curved shape. Also with good fitting, it can be looking more masculine.

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Diamond  Wedding Band

In Wedding Band Buying Guide We want to recommend you the diamond Bands If your choice is with flamboyant type ring so the diamond ring can better for you. If you just wishing ring with single diamond with design or plain metal both you can get easily within in budget. But if wondering to buy a ring with multiple diamond ring with design so you have to pay some high cost for it. And with the diamond ring also many metal colours are available like white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. And also silver.

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There is in the market some alternative are also available which can be made of non-traditional metals like titanium or cobalt chrome. Edges are usually rounded or bevelled. The alternative band can be often adored by the people who already wear any rings. But in the alternative, there many colours exist like white, black, red, yellow, blue, etc.

Alternative Band

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Silicone Band

It kind of rings can be made of medical-grade silicone also these rings can be good for a regular lifestyle you can work actively with this ring because of its great fitting or comfort. You can wear each day different colours of rings.  With matching your dress also. Plus, you can easily wear gloves without having to take your ring off. This ring can be good for workers, fish-men, policemen and other hard workers who have been working very busily or roughly.

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Platinum Band

Platinum is the most famous metal which is highly used for jewellery and rings. It is a bit Ironic because it is found in the earth’s crust also it is very rarest elements. It seems like white silver also it is durable, sophisticated and hypoallergenic. And generally, it did never cause any rush or other body irritation.

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Palladium Band

Palladium is the metal which is also getting into the platinum family. You can also think both metals look similar, palladium looks silver-white with softness. Palladium might be a bit softer than platinum but still, it’s strong and long-lasting and within low-cost budget.

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White Gold

White Gold Band

The white metal is made of rhodium which is found from the palladium metal family. White gold can be plated mostly with rhodium. But there Nickel and palladium are also used in it. white gold will have always shiny colour. even though white colour can be fade after the tan year’s something. to restore the white colour, the ring will need to be re-pated or washed.

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Yellow Gold

 Yellow Gold Band

Yellow Gold Is very classic martial for a ring. It gives shiny, softness, glow, which can be understood or noticeable. these rings are made with different or another type of mixed metal. the gold purity is always premeditated in karats, With a “K”. That each carat is 1/24 of a gold portion. pure gold jewellery is always  24 karat. Fourteen karat gold is 14 parts gold and ten parts of another metal (so the ring is 58% gold). for the fine clarity or looks there a carat is the unit of measurement for the weight of a diamond. in this gold colour, you can get Plain, designed rings even with diamond rings also.

Diamond ring with Yellow gold its very popular according to Wedding Band Buying Guide.

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Rose Gold

Rose Gold Band

The Rose Gold is the last band in Wedding Band Buying Guide, Rose gold is made a mix of gold and copper with usually a dash of silver. it depends on the exact amounts. the ring can be either pink or reddish coloured. while not every person wants a pink ring then it does create a distinctive, vintage look.  

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