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Welcome to We value the trust you place in The Internet Privacy Policy is provided to you so that you may be informed as to the practices of our company, which may change from time to time upon publication on this Web site. Therefore, we suggest that you review this Privacy Policy each time you use this site to confirm that you understand and agree to its terms. In the event you have inquiries as to this or other policies, we can be reached through email


Your transaction history, which you provide voluntarily, is stored on our site in our customer database. It includes your information. Some of the information we solicit, such as e-mail address, is voluntary, while much of it is required in order to fulfill your order properly. Your information is used while processing and fulfilling your orders that you place with us. We even use this information for making a better shopping experiencefor you and are able to respond and fulfill your requests. As a common practice we may have to share your personal info with third party service providers that assist us to further enhance your shopping experience.

Our site presently does not store your credit card information, and any of your credit card information that may be stored is protected by firewalls. Always sign off after you finish using a shared computer. Always protect your passwords and user id’s from others.


We collect the e-mail addresses of those who communicate with us via e-mail and those who voluntarily include their e-mail addresses when ordering online. We may also collect your e-mail address if you provide it in the process of completing survey information or registering for online contests or sweepstakes. We cannot obtain your e-mail address unless you voluntarily provide it to us, or we obtain it from a service company that has confirmed your willingness to distribute it. Our Web server recognizes the computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, but not the e-mail address, for each visitor to our home page.

Other than the exceptions noted above, DiamondCarat will not sell, share or otherwise distribute your e-mail address. Any e-mail address supplied directly to DiamondCarat with respect to online orders, phone order, and requests for other information will remain in the sole possession of DiamondCarat.

If you do not want to receive promotional e-mail from us in the future, please let us know by contacting us by email

If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please contact us by email


Like most retail web sites, we use “cookies,” which are pieces of data given to your browser that allow our site to identify you when you access our site. Please be awarethose cookies understand that cookies cannot extract any information about you that you have not already revealed voluntarily.It’s a common practice used by all Internet users the vast majority of Internet users now appreciate cookies as a convenience feature for shopping online.


Our computers collect and store certain data from your visits to our Web site. The information we collect from this site traffic helps us to make the site easier to navigate and to improve your experience at Except for business we work with to improve the sales, services, and experience of our Web site, we do not share or distribute any specific customer site traffic data to any other parties.

If you have any questions regarding any of the elements of our web privacy policy, please email us on